Keeping your dog entertained indoors

With all that’s been going on around the world, I am sure we are all very aware of the possibility of having to go into Quarantine at some point, whether it’s because we have tested positive ourselves or whether we have had a contact. One of the major concerns for any owner of a dog in this situation is how to exercise their dog or how to keep it entertained. Here are a few tips to help you keep them busy and preserve your sanity.

Rule number one: Nothing comes free. 

Make them work for their food. Stuff Kongs or use a Wobbly Kong. If you don’t have these, be creative. Have a look around your house and see what you can come up with. One idea is to punch a few holes in a properly washed detergent bottle (or any other hard plastic bottle) and drop their kibble inside. They will figure out that by spinning the bottle kibble falls out. Make a snuffle mat and hide treats in it. 

Rule number two: They need physical activity

If you have stairs, Use them. Play a game of fetch by throwing a ball down the stairs and letting the dog fetch it. If you don’t mind the exercises, run up and down the stairs together. Caution here if you have young dogs or if your dogs have joint problems. If you own a treadmill teach your dog how to use it. Some dogs love it, other hate it. No harm in trying.

Rule number three: Work their brains

Make an obstacle course using items you find around the house and teach them how to use it. An idea could be to place a broom on two chairs and teach the dog how to jump over it or pass under it. Use preservative cans instead of weave poles and build tunnels out of cardboard you may have laying around the house. 

Get that clicker out. Teach the dog to get you beer out of the fridge. Teach your dog to help you with the laundry. Teach your dog to find your keys or simply stick to basic obedience. The possibilities are endless.

If you have the possibility of acquiring large raw bones, give one to your dog. It’s guaranteed to keep it busy for a few hours at least. 

Finally: Groom that dog!

Use the time to give your dog that long overdue bath. Get him smelling nice, trim those nails and why not try a new grooming style. 

Nobody likes being stuck indoors for weeks on end and yes having a dog that cannot go for its daily walk can be worrying but let’s be positive. We are lucky. We have dogs to keep us busy and keep us company!


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