About Edenisle

“Dogs aren’t our whole lives, but they make our lives whole”

The Crew

We are  Leeandra & Dennis Mifsud, the people behind Edenisle.  We live on the island of Malta (Europe), together with our two sons and our pack of Australian shepherds and our most recent addition, Theia the Lowchen.

The Australian Shepherds

I (Leeandra) have been involved with show dogs all my life. Needless to say, when I met Dennis, he did not have much of a choice other than to embrace dogs and my hobby. We researched and talked for long about which breed was for us. We wanted an active breed. A dog we could take on hiking trails with us and involve in several activities. I also wanted a dog which was elegant in the show ring. We wanted a coated breed but having a coat which we could easily manage on a daily basis. After extensive research we decided the breed for us was the Australian Shepherd. In April 2009, we acquired our first Australian shepherd. Another one joined the household shortly afterwards.

The Malta Kennel Club and The Maltese National Canine Federation granted us our affix, an anagram of our names, that same year. Since then we have tried to involve our aussies in every possible activity, ranging from family outings in the countryside and the Beach to competitive sports including Conformation showing, Obedience & Agility.

The Lowchen

During Covid, I crossed paths with the Lowchen breed, went on a waiting list and 3 years later our very first lowchen joined our crew. She filled a space we didn’t know we had and I can honestly say, we are now hooked on the breed.

The Goals

We do not breed often. Our aim is to produce puppies that are versatile, healthy, sound in type & temperament. We bred our first litter in 2012 and it was the first litter of Australian Shepherds to ever be born in Malta. Since then, we have aimed at producing puppies that are much loved family pets as well as show dogs. We pride ourselves in having produced both local as well as foreign and international champions.

I hope you can enjoy our website. If you need any further information about us, or our Australian Shepherds, please feel free to contact us. We will only be happy to help.

Dennis and Leeandra with our Australian shepherds in Zadar